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Audi, BMW, Mercedes & More
Best DIY gadgets for your car

We offer OEM backup camera & CarPlay retrofits with OEM quality!
Free shipping in US and Canada on orders $100+
Worldwide shipping available.
Plug and Play / OEM Integration

Rear View Camera /Apple CarPlay /Android Auto
Mirrorlink Interface

Available for Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Toyota, Volvo, VW, Porsche,
Land Rover and more. Contact us if you can't find your vehicle here.
About us
Since 2014 CarsGadget is #1 supplier of OEM retrofit backup camera systems. Our main markets are USA & Canada but we also ship our product worldwide. Our company is centrally located in WY, USA. This allows us to provide fast delivery within and outside the country. Carsgadget is well known on,, Mercedes-Benz online forums and Youtube with thousands of views of our videos.
This demo video shows how our retrofit smart wifi CarPlay & Mirrorlink video interface operates. Available for Audi. BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, VW, Lexus, Porsche and more

Why choose our product?

Whether it's Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, Porsche or Volvo backup camera or CarPlay retrofit, it will be the easiest and most useful upgrade you've ever done to your car.
Plug and Play
Simply reconnect OEM wires connectors at LCD and radio with provided plug and play harness and plug it into our interface unit. That's all!
No Coding Required
To install our system your car does not require any coding or programing with a special tool and software .Simply reconnect wires and you are all done!
Doesn't Void Warranty
After the installation of our interface everything will look original. Think of it as if you'd installed a subwoofer that can be removed at any time with no signs left.
OEM Intergation
Our interface fully integratable with OEM system via CAN-BUS. Supports OEM buttons control, dynamic steering guidelines & advanced parking sensors.
Our clients love us
Awesome product, works flawless for my 2010 Audi S4. Best customer service support I've ever experienced with any companies. Almost instant response, with concise answers, could not ask for a better product/customer service! Highly Recommended!

This system is awesome and the customer support is top notch! I don't know how I got along for so long without the camera. It makes things so much easier. Thanks again

I installed the Mercedes GLK model it looks factory the installation instructions were perfect. I had a minor issue... operator error the folks at Carsgadet were awesome in helping me fix my silly mistake. I would buy from them again and would recommend them.... if you want the factory look and feel they are the folks to see. don't hesitate to buy from these guys!! this instruction video helped me not make a major mistake.... had I listened well I would not have made the silly mistake I made!!!
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Frequently asked questions
How difficult is the installation and how long it takes?
If you ever tried to install speakers or subwoofer in your car, you can do this one too. You just need to be a handyman and have an idea on how to work with cars. The installation of our interface is relatively easy because of its plug and play cables, and no coding needed. Also, we provided PDF manual as well as video tutorials that we have available for our major products. We sold over a thousand units to our clients and all of them were able to successfully install our product.
The installation takes about 4 hours for a DIYer and about 2 hours for a professional person.
Do i need to cut wires or do a programing/coding on my car?
No, you don't.The installation of our smart video interface is fully plug and play, meaning that you simply need to reconnect wire harness from OEM LCD and radio head unit with provided plug and play harness and connect it to our interface unit.
Will your product replace my original LCD screen?
No. Our multimedia interface connects to OEM LCD screen and radio with a special plug and play wire harness. This allows to keep all the original look and functionality and doesn't void car warranty.
Will any of OEM functions stop working after the installation?
No. Everything will work in the same maner as it works now.
Does your product void my car's warranty?
No. Think of it as if you installed a subwoofer that can be removed at any time with no signs left. Obviously, you have to follow our installation guide and be very gentle not to break anything during the installation. Remember, always to disconnect battery negative wire while working with car's electronics!
Can you recommend an installer in my area?
We have our qualified mobile installers that can come and do the installation at your place (home or work) if you live in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles or Orange County Areas. You can find contact information of our preferred installers here. Customers who live in other areas can Google or Yelp: "Car Audio and Alarm Installation Shop near me", most of these shops can do this type of installation. Some of our clients did the installation at local Best Buy Geek Squad. So you can check with them as well.
Do you ship your product internationally?
Yes, we ship our product worldwide using DHL Express 3-5 business days delivery.
Please note: CarsGadget is not responsible for a customs fee that may arise at the delivery in your country. It is customer responsibility to check with their local custom agency about custom duties before the purchase.
Does your product have warranty?
CarsGadget products are covered by 1 year limited manufacturer warranty. Customer is responsible for return shipping cost of defective items. Please note, wiring and cables are not covered by warranty since they can be damaged by customer during improper installation or system exploitation. If this will happen, wiring can be purchased as the replacement part. Simply email us a request what you need and we'll arrange invoice and shipment.
How do i know what radio is in my Audi?
To find out which radio you have in your Audi click here.
How do i know what radio is in my BMW?
To find out which BMW radio you have click here.
How do i know what radio is in my Mercedes Benz?
To find out which Mercedes Benz radio you have click here.
Where can i find the installation instructions?
Instructions on how to download installation guide and video tutorials will be provided in the box with your kit. We care about the environment and our planet so we don't provide printed manuals in the package.
What is your return policy?
Contact us for approval prior returning any product. All our products are tested at the factory and comes in 100% working condition before shipping out. In case you won't be able to figure out how to install the kit, no longer need it or bought a wrong kit and want to return it, there will be 20% restocking fee applied to all refunds. Refund or replacement will be made only within 30 day period from the purchase day, so please inspect your kit as soon as possible after receiving it.

To avoid additional charges our product must be returned in original box packaged in another box or padded envelope, with no wear and tear or damages to the component[s]. The refund will be issued after receiving and testing the product. Please note that you may be charged for any component[s] missing or damaged. Customer will be responsible for the return shipping cost. We don't provide return labels.

It is customer responsibility to make sure he/she is buying a right product and understanding basics of the installation process. Please read product description carefully, it not sure what you need contact us for assistance.

After the purchase: We encourage you to read our installation guide very carefully before beginning the installation or use a professional help.
If you'll have any questions during the installation, please don't hesitate to send us an email with pictures or video of your installation process and our support team will help you to troubleshoot the issue.
My car already has OEM rear view camera, can i add a front camera only?
Unfortunately there is no way to connect aftermarket front camera into the OEM radio. So you will have to purchase our backup camera interface or smart multimedia interface and a front camera.
Does backup camera turn ON automatically when shift into Reverse?
Yes, this process is done automatically as our interface unit syncs with car's system via Can-Bus.
When does a front camera turn ON?
There are 2 options for a front camera. It can be turned on automatically for 10 seconds after shifting from Reverse into Drive or it could be set to manual mode and turned on manually at any time by buttons on the steering wheel or via interface menu. Please let us know your car model and we'll let you know which option will work with your car.
My car has OEM parking sensors (PDC), will they work with your system?
Yes. Your parking sensors will works as normal. However, if your parking sensors audible only (bebe sound), you won't see them on the screen. Only OEM advanced parking system can be shown as a parking radar icon in the LCD's corner along with the rear view camera screen. Be advised: in the past, we had some rare cases when car had OEM advanced parking system but parking radar still didn't show in the screen. They could only use parking sensors as audible system along with our rear view camera. Which is completely fine since our backup camera system has Dynamic Parking guidelines anyways.